Village Sub Shop – Baltimore, MD

This is the first of a bunch of Maryland bar and restaurant matchbooks of mine. This is the Village sub shop, with their mascot, “subby”
Locations at:
6701 Belair Road, Overlea
5216 Belair Road, Gardenville
6401 Kenwood Ave, Kenwood
8801 Satyr Hill Road, Joppa
7707 Hartford Road, Parkville
819 Taylor Ave, Loch Raven
6719 Holabird Ave, Dundalk
2313 Cleanleigh Dr., Perring Parkway
5660 the Alameda, Alameda
8521 Liberty Road, Savoy Plaza
25 E. Padonia Rd, Padonia Village


17 thoughts on “Village Sub Shop – Baltimore, MD

  1. Hi Spencer! I was so excited to stumble on to your blog and find that the Village Sub Shop matchbook was included in your collection. My grandfather opened the first Village Sub Shop in Baltimore during the 1950s and my father continued in his footsteps. I grew up on Village Subs and Pizzas — visiting my father at work and learning the ins and outs about what makes the perfect sub. The decor was perfectly retro and the delicious food never wavered. My dad retired a few years back and closed the last one at Padonia Village. We still make pizza at home (with the original recipe), but it’s just not quite the same. Both my father and grandfather will be elated to hear that someone is still hanging on to some Subby memorabilia.


    • Hi Amanda,

      I worked at S&R Banquet that was located next to The Village Sub Shop. It was when Lou, Mike, Phil March and Jay Waltz were there. I was 14 when I start there and I am now 60 so give me a hollar if you or anyone else is around still. My email is

  2. Amanda,

    My father ran the Steak and Rib Restaurant next door to Village Sub Shop on the Alameda. I grew up on “lettuce” subs from Village! Was not a meat eater as a kid. I miss the Padonia Village one and was sad when it closed. I have been trying to find info on the restaurant my dad managed for about 6 years and this has been the closest thing.

    Thanks for posting!


    • Ialso worked at Alameda and in the commissary and drove the delivery truck. Work at all the sub shapsand Carmens Pizza Started in 1974 at Overlean and went to Gardenville. I beleive Phil ran the banqet Hall Worked for Mabel

      • Wow, i worked at some of those shops, Alameda, Perring, Joppa, Loch Raven, Padonia and even 40-West back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Visited Baltimore a few years ago and stopped at the Padonia shop (last one). Nothing seemed to have changed, a nice trip back in time, had a cheeseburger sup with those grilled onions. Ah yes!. Sorry to hear it also closed. I can still remember the prices.

      • I’ll definitely let me family know about your experiences with their business. My Father and Grandfather will be delighted to hear about it.


    • I supervised padonia sub shop in early 70’s. My husband and sister-law traveled from store supervising driving the Suby Says stationwagons. Had many wonderful dinners at steak house next to Alamedia store with Lou and wife.

      • Hi Sherry,

        My dad, Bill Jr. remembers you and your husband, as well as your sister. I think he said her name was Elaine. Thank you for your comment. My father has many fond memories of your family.

  3. This is super cool! I am the other granddaughter, gillylynns cousin, and I must say this brings back some memories. I have heard stories about the Steak and Rib too, fine dining at its best prime rib special 7.95 haha! Still can’t get a steak and cheese that’s quite the same anywhere else! Thank you for posting this!

      • My father was Jay Waltz and I believe he worked for Lou Gill. I was only 5 at the time and my entire family “worked” there including myself! I cleaned the dishes off when they came back to the kitchen. I had fun as a kid there and my sister ran the coat check for the restaurant on some weekends. This was the Steak and Rib on the Alameda and the banquet manager at the time was my dad. I think it was 1971 or so. Joe Lutz was an artist that did paintings for the dining room. We had several of is paintings. My dad has long since passed away but the memories of spending some of my childhood at the Steak and Rib are a very special part of me.

        I love nostalgia!


      • Cheri,

        My Father, Bill Gill knew your brother. My Grandfather remembers your father, Jay Waltz. We all appreciate your kind words and nostalgia. It’s quite a small world. Cheri, please feel free to send me an email anytime.

      • Hi Cheryl,

        I worked for your Dad when I was a kid at S&R Banquets. He was living in Joppatown and visited him alot. I worked there till I went in the Marines and yes I am a Vietnam Vet and was taught alot of neat stuff from him. I’m 60 now and living up in Northern NY about a mile from the Canadian Border so Hi to you all an God bless.

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