White Coffee Pot Restaurants – Baltimore, MD

This matchbook is from the Baltimore chain of White Coffee Pot restaurants. They operated in the Baltimore area from 1932 through to 1993. At one time, they had 33 locations. They’re all gone now, but at one time, they were all over Baltimore. They’ve come up a fair bit in my Little Tavern research, but I haven’t done any dedicated research into them directly as to their full history or locations.





The Walker Hasslinger – Baltimore, MD

1701-5 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD

Seafood and Liquors, with an off-licence. The classic combination of Seafood, Steaks, Chops and Chicken, all near Pennsylvania Station. And while you’re there- why not relax in the Mariner’s Nook Bar and Lounge?

The building is still there, and still has the remains of what looks like it used be a great neon arrow sign. Later became Walker-Hasslinger’s and the Chesapeake Restaurant. For more, see this page.


The Barrel

The Barrel Drive in was located on 301 north of Glen Burnie. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything else about the place on the internet- so if you have any information or memories- please drop me a line!

Noted neon preservationist Norman James was kind enough to send me a photo of “The Barrel” when it was still operational.

Village Sub Shop – Baltimore, MD

This is the first of a bunch of Maryland bar and restaurant matchbooks of mine. This is the Village sub shop, with their mascot, “subby”
Locations at:
6701 Belair Road, Overlea
5216 Belair Road, Gardenville
6401 Kenwood Ave, Kenwood
8801 Satyr Hill Road, Joppa
7707 Hartford Road, Parkville
819 Taylor Ave, Loch Raven
6719 Holabird Ave, Dundalk
2313 Cleanleigh Dr., Perring Parkway
5660 the Alameda, Alameda
8521 Liberty Road, Savoy Plaza
25 E. Padonia Rd, Padonia Village