Nick’s Diner – Wheaton, MD

Nick’s Diner may not be a “true” diner to purists. It’s an on site job, but it has real soul.
I’ve had some trouble finding the origins of Nick’s. It’s been a diner for decades, but whether it was converted from another use is hard to track down. The materials and construction remind me of a ’50s gas station, but the proportions seem way off for that. Across the street from a former HoJo’s, a block down from an A-Frame IHOP and two blocks down from the former Short Stop Diner.

It’s family owned an operated, and the grill is still behind the counter. There’s a bit of a back kitchen, but it looks like most of the cooking is done out front.

Nick’s is set up like an early factory model. Very narrow- mostly stools and a couple tables at the far end. The emphasis is truly on the counter, as it should be. The nearly floor to ceiling glass makes for a nice bright place.

Corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, homefries, toast, coffee. The potatoes and corned beef hash have a perfect crust on them from the griddle.




A pic from about a decade back that gives a better view of the entire diner. The parking lot was too jammed today to get a good frontal shot.

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