Winchester Virginia trip August 2012

Breakfast at Needful Things. This lunch counter was formerly a J.J. Newberry. The building was built in the 1850s and became a Newberry’s five and dime in the ’30s. It looks like the lunch counter dates from around that time, with pieces updated and modernized over the years. I had the sausage gravy on biscuits. Nicely golden brown toasted biscuits, and as much sausage as gravy on top. A great start to the day, and a real step back in time.

It is located at 218 W. Washington Street, Charles Town, WV.
Here’s their website:

The Triangle Diner is still undergoing restoration. Since last I visited, lots of work has been done, the biggest visual changes are an addition to the kitchen annex and the re-installation of the restored sign.
See their website here:

Just around the corner from the triangle, some old plastic signs. RCA, Zenith, Sylvania.

Cloverleaf. I wonder what the neon on it originally read?

Rock of Ages. A few years back I visited their quarry.

The former Piccadilly Grill. Possibly a replacement for the ’30s O’Mahony diner, the Piccadilly Diner, which would have been located within a door or two. The Grill looks like a ’50s lunch counter in the spirit of White Tower or the Snow White Grill, just down the road. Single row of stools, cooking done behind the counter. It’s now called ‘Just Like Grandma’s’.
It is located at 46 East Piccadilly Street Winchester, VA

The Snow White Grill. I’ve done several other posts on this one, please refer to them for full interior and exterior shots. Built 1949, the Snow White Grill chain originally had locations throughout northern VA, WV, and MD. Today, this is the only one that still bears the Snow White Name. Someday I’ll make it to the other Snow White Grill, today operating as the Blue White, in Martinsburg, VA. It was nice to see the Snow White doing booming business. Every stool was filled, as were all the patio tables, not to mention all the carryout traffic.

The Snow White Grill is located at 159 North Loudoun Street Winchester, VA


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