Diners of Paterson, NJ

Selections from the 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960 Paterson directories. In the early directories, “lunch wagon” seems to have been a catchall used by the directory company for any factory built diner, permanent or mobile, for locations without “diner” in their name. There are surely some I have missed in these listings, locations which called themselves “grills” or “luncheonettes”. Likewise, some of these diners in the following list were probably storefront locations, merely using the diner name. Likely the two types of error somewhat cancel each other out in terms of numbers, and this list can give you a rough idea of just how many diners were once operating in the “Silk City”. Some still stand, most do not.

Frank Baron (lunch wagon) 1145 Madison Ave
Elliott Davis (lunch wagon) 656 market
Falls City Diner 10 Spruce
Feeney and Vanderpyle (lunch wagon) 829 main
g and m diner inc (lunch wagon) 21 prince
Haeberle and Thornton (lunch wagon) 333 river
Hamilton Diner 710 madison ave
Hamilton Diner 311 Market
Jack Hyman (lunch wagon) 16 1st ave
Main Diner 544 Main
Walter Mohrle (lunch wagon) 17 Lafayette
Palace Buffet (lunch wagon) 1108 Market
Harry G. Smith (lunch wagon) 105 beckwith ave
Gary VanLoo (lunch wagon) 484 Haledon ave
White House Lunch Co Inc. 70 Broadway

Al’s Diner 372 McLean Blvd
Belmont Diner 254 Belmont Ave Hldn
Boro Diner 276 Union Blvd TB
Boulevard Diner 203 3rd Ave
Broadway Diner 200 Broadway
Brook’s Diner 206 Ellison
Castle Diner 91 Canal
Curzon’s Diner 899 Market
William DeWitt (lunch wagon) 1112 Market
Fred Eberling Jr Diner 84 1st Ave
Falls City Diner 18 Spruce
Haledon Diner 484 Haledon Ave Hldn
Hamilton Diner 710 Madison Ave
Walter Mohrle (diner) 17 Lafayette
The New Diner 127 Beckwith
Royal Diner 1080 Market
Harry T. Smith (lunch wagon) 105 Beckwith Ave
Benjamin Walker diner 1145 Madison Ave
Washington Diner 22 Hamilton Ave
Willmac Diner 781 Market

Al’s Diner 372 McLean Blvd
Belmont Diner 253 Belmont Ave Hldn
Bills Diner 332 21st Ave
Brooks Diner 206 Ellison
Central Diner 23 W broadway
Chappy’s 193 E Railway
City Diner 276 21st Ave
City Line Diner 157 Crooks Ave
DeYoung’s Diner 9 Paterson Ave LF
Eagle Diner 68 Market
Haledon Diner 484 Haledon Ave
Hawthorne Diner 235 Diamond Bridge Ave Hawthorne
Lou’s Diner 899 Market
Modern Castle Inc. 467 Broadway
Scanlon’s Diner 781 Market
Time Diner Grill 445 Straight
Transit Diner 1080 Market
Triangle Diner Goffle Rd and Wagaraw
Washington Diner 22 Hamilton Ave
Whiteway Diner 317 Union Blvd TB

Al’s Diner 372 McLean Blvd
Alex Diner 546 Main
Brick Front Diner 111 Beckwith Ave
Brooks Diner 206 Ellison
Castle Diner 91 Canal
Chappy’s 197 E. Railway Ave
City Diner 276 21st Ave
Five Corner Diner 17 Lafayette
Frank’s Diner 445 Straight
George’s Diner 88 E. Railway
George’s Diner 57 Straight
Grand Diner 246 Grand
Lou’s Diner 931 Market
Marty and Phil’s Diner 455 E. 18th
Midway Diner 84 1st
Modern Castle Inc 467 Broadway
Nick’s Diner 129 Beckwith Ave
Paterson Diner 781 Main
Perillo’s Diner 5th Ave
Rainbow Diner 656 Market


1 thought on “Diners of Paterson, NJ

  1. I am the Curator at Lambert Castle Museum in Paterson New Jerseys. We are planning an exhibit on Silk City Diners which is scheduled to open August 6th 2014. I was wondering if you would tell me the locations of the Silk City Diners you have photographed on this blog. We are trying to compile a list of known locations as a part of the exhibition. I appreciate any information you can provide me.

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