NJ diner finds

NJ was once a land of seemingly endless diners. With as many as seem to be there today, it’s still a mere fraction, especially in the cities. There are still some hiding, waiting to be found.

New Jersey was home to a number of White Castle and White Tower soundalikes. The White Circle System, The Blue White Castle, the White Diamond, the White Rose, the Blue Tower, the Red Tower, the White Crown. You get the idea. New Jersey diner companies began marketing heavily towards these small burger chains. Kullman had their popular dinette models, in particular. It’s hard to say for sure what lies under the siding of this current used car dealer at 414 Broadway, Newark, NJ, but I can say that other locations of the Blue Castle System, Inc. chain used a factory built diner with a blue fluted enamel base and signage with a White Castle lookalike logo.

Today’s other diner “find” is the former Castle diner of 91 Canal St., Paterson, NJ, which opened in the 1930s and operated under that name for decades.


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