Chicken In The Rough – Valentine Diner

Another Valentine Diners shot from my collection. This photo was originally in the sales portfolio of Valentine salesman O. Glenn Griffin. (1899-1993)

Chicken In The Rough began as a fried chicken chain in Oklahoma City, OK, eventually franchising and expanding to over 300 locations, with branches not just through the continental US, but throughout the globe. Even Silver Spring MD’s Tastee Diner was once a franchisee with one of their neon signs on its roof. While Chicken In The Rough had their own branded china and postcards and signage, they did not have a distinctive franchise architecture, and many of their franchisees were independent restaurants which featured the Chicken In The Rough half fried chicken meal on the menu, but in addition to their own. So, to see a specific Chicken In The Rough location like this is somewhat unusual, and it’s a Valentine no less!

This shot looks like it was taken on a Valentine back lot, with the diner appearing to rest on steel pipes awaiting transport. This unusual downward view really shows how the sign is constructed, as well as what the roof on one of these would have appeared like when brand new.  This model has an outwardly canted pylon and keystone window in the front door.

Scan 131

Scan 131 - Copy


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