Brownies Hamburgs

Another Valentine Diners shot from my collection. This photo was originally in the sales portfolio of Valentine salesman O. Glenn Griffin. (1899-1993)

The back of this one is stamped with the name Marquart Photos, 1507 Spy Run Ave., Fort Wayne, Indiana, which leads me to believe this was probably somewhere in the Fort Wayne area.  I can’t find a “Brownie’s” in the Fort Wayne city directory, but there was a restaurant owned by an Alfred H. Brown at 1427 Broadway (later 1510 Wabash) and a restaurant owned by Frank W. Brown at 216 W. Wayne, so these are at least possibilities. It looks like industrial buildings in the window reflections, and two Mobil signs.

Scan 132

Scan 132 - CopyScan 132 - Copy (2)



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