Judy’s Diner, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Another Valentine Diners shot from my collection. This photo was originally in the sales portfolio of Valentine salesman O. Glenn Griffin. (1899-1993)

This is Judy’s Diner, a pre-war model (Ablah? Hayes?) with some unusual detailing. The buttresses, usually seen on the short ends, as on the Aristocrat model, are on the front. The overhang wraps the parapet vertically and the ends have metal “timbers”. The “Sandwiches” and “Meals” signs are freestanding letters rather than being painted on.

The back of this print gives the location as Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I’m assuming the diner is long, long gone, but the large, ivy covered brick building on the right seems like it is distinctive enough to give a location as to where the diner used to be.

Update December 2019- location has been identified as the corner of Overland and 14th, Scottsbluff, NE

Scan 136


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