Paterson, New Jersey

Here are some of the diners which I took pictures of in Paterson, New Jersey, once home of the Paterson Vehicle Company, builder of Silk City Diners.

Erfed Remodel.  If you have a copy of Dick Gutman’s The American Diner then and now, you will have seen pictures of this diner from when it was an on site, from when it was diner-ized, and from when the addition was put on .  This is how it looks now, a bit faded.


Only a few doors down, to the left of the Nicholas diner is a 1950s Silk City, once Chappy’s, but I can’t seem to find my pictures of it.

The Egg Platter Diner, a Master


16 thoughts on “Paterson, New Jersey

  1. Don’t ask me how, but when I visited the former Chappy’s Diner to take a photo of it, I missed the Nicholas Diner. (Just visited it last spring) I did make it to the Egg Platter, which, I believe has a new name.

  2. The former Chappys is at 197 E. Railway, The Nicholas is at 88 E. Railway. They’re four blocks from each other, but the road is such that you can’t see one from the other, and if you’re heading one way on the road, it’s easy to miss the other one.
    I visited in April 2007- do you remember what the new name for either Chappys or the Egg Platter was?

    • Egg platter used to be Geier’s City Line Diner. My mother worked there for a few years in the 50’s. She also worked Chappy’s. I used to go to Chappy’s for lunch when I was an elementary school student at what was then Abraham Lincoln PS#9 on Getty Ave.

  3. There is a Silk city diner in Sabina, Ohio. It originally was in N. Y.; sent to Michigan after a fire. It has been updated but has many orginal features and very good food.

  4. Egg Platter is still the Egg Platter and still makes great corned beef hash and eggs. It closes at 3PM & reopens at 10PM. Chappy’s is some kind of Spanish Restaurant. Used to be a nice little diner on Marshall St. too.

  5. Just thought you would like to know about this diner.

    OTTAWA, OHIO– A new Ottawa restaurant will receive $197,000 in loans from the Putnam County revolving loan fund and the state.

    A 1949 silver steel diner will be brought to the site, she said. A kitchen and restrooms will be connected to the structure.

    The restaurant should be open by August, There will be 12 full-time jobs.

  6. I read in another article that this diner going in Ottawa is a Silk City but I can’t get back on that website for some reason now.
    here is the location.
    The restaurant will be located in front of the Goodwill store on North Locust Street and across from Ottawa-Glandorf High School, Ottawa, Ohio.

  7. My great-grand father started the Paterson Vehicle (Wagon) company in Paterson, N.J. in the 1890’s. It’s nice to see people still enjoying the Silk City Diners.


    Les Cooper

    • Hi there…I just started working at the Highspire Diner, in Highspire, PA…it is a 1952 Silk City #5213…My maiden name is Cooper, which I think is awesome! I have been working on my family tree off and on for a bit and wanted to pick your brain if you would be so kind as to email me…Also, I will snap a few pics of the diner to post soon!

      • Hi Amy,
        I would love to discuss Silk City Diners with you and the Coopers. My family is Dutch and we are one of the oldest families in America, in fact, we were in the first census in N.J. when there were less than 500 people. Contact me at

    • My grandfather was Fred Everett Cooper..which one of the Cooper brothers was your grandfather Les? My sons name is Everett also! I just picked up a copy of the nj diners book today..saw your name and our great grandfathers photo.. Thank you!
      Daryl Cooper ley, rumson NJ..

  8. This is for Les Cooper or anybody who might know how to get a replacement diner for Angie’s Silk CIty DIner in Bridgeton, NJ, that was just lost to fire. I am originally from Paterson (moved to Bridgeton in 2006) and this landmark was a link to my personal history as well as to the story of the colorful travels of the Silk City DIner…. You might call it another piece of the Silk Road!

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