Paramount Diner Interior – NJ

Another old photo from my collection. This came from a lot of photos from a postcard company. It has the file number on the print, and on the back, but no location, name or caption. ¬†There’s Taylor pork roll on the menu board, so a New Jersey location is a safe bet.¬† photo Image13-Copy-Copy.jpg


Somers Point Diner, Somers Point, NJ

We ended up finally eating lunch at the Somers Point Diner. At some point in the past couple of years, the Somers Point traffic circle was replaced by a intersection. The Circle Liquor Store across the road has lost its namesake. The Point diner was built by Fodero. Since the original postcard, it has lost the top of its pylon sign, gained a large addition, and an extra tier to the roof. I love the floor to ceiling glass of the vestibule and the dining room addition, where the bottom infill panels, instead of being stainless or stone are glass. It takes the space age diner design of more and more glass in the facade to its logical conclusion. Inside, the diner has been significantly re-done, though I really enjoyed the paintings of the Jersey shore in the 1960s which hang in the L of the diner.
The special of the day was a hot open faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. That used to be my default diner order, but I haven’t had one in a while. If it’s on special, I’m always game, so in went the order. My dad had his usual hamburger, plain (nothing on that), medium rare, with fries and a diet coke. Mine came out garnished with parsley and, as I discovered after biting in, a sliver of aluminum can. The mashed potatoes were over-watered and of the powdered variety. The meat was tough. I didn’t finish. My dad’s burger was alright, but was pre-formed and frozen. It all had Sysco written all over it.
Back in the car, and on to Margate to visit Lucy the Elephant. I think there will be a blog post about that leg of the trip over at Neon Dreamscapes shortly.

 photo KGrHqRHJBcE63Vg0Mu7BOzDe11-g60_57.jpg

 photo IMG_8821.jpg

 photo IMG_8819.jpg

 photo IMG_8807.jpg

 photo IMG_8823.jpg

The Rio Grande Diner – Middle Township, NJ

This was lunch stop candidate no. 2. It’s an early 1950s Mountain View Diner which has received the New Jersey treatment of stone and mansard. The distinctive lines of the cowcatcher corners are still visible, but have been covered, like the rest of the diner, in a stone veneer. We pulled in, I jumped out to take a quickie photo from the sidewalk before heading in, and within seconds someone had come out of the diner to hassle me for it. From previous experience, it’s always best to move along when that kind of thing happens. So we passed on lunch, I jumped back in the car, and off we went down the road.

The Rio Grande Diner is located at:
1305 New Jersey 47 Middle Township, NJ

 photo IMG_8499.jpg

 photo IMG_8500.jpg

Surfside West Diner – Wildwood, NJ

I had intended lunch yesterday to be at the Surfside West Diner in Wildwood, NJ, a rare one by the Superior Dining Car Company. Unfortunately, they were closed for the season, and will not reopen until May 11th. The diner is currently painted turquoise, and the old neon which graces the roof in other pictures of it online has been covered (replaced?) by a plastic one with a picture of a diner on it.
For shots of the interior, see HERE

The Surfside West diner is located at:
5308 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260

 photo IMG_8510.jpg

Elmer Diner – Elmer, NJ

Breakfast ended up being at the Elmer Diner, which I last visited about seven years ago. A diner on the site goes back to the 1920s. The ’50s incarnation has been turned perpendicular to the road, gutted and has been used for the past forty odd years as a dining room. The main diner is a 1970s model with bay windows. Since I was there last, an argyle pattern has been painted on the vestibule, and stainless has been added to the exterior of the dining room. I had the 2+2+2 special, 2 pancakes with cream chipped beef, bacon and sausage. Dad had scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and toast. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the bacon memes and bacon craze of the past couple of years, but it seems that diners now include much more bacon than they did just a couple of years ago.

The Elmer Diner is located at:
41 Front St Elmer, NJ 08318

 photo IMG_8449.jpg

 photo IMG_8453.jpg

 photo IMG_8445.jpg

 photo IMG_8442.jpg

Pushnik’s Diner/ Marabelle’s Restaurant – Lebanon, PA

We visited the former Pushnik’s Diner/ D’Alexander’s during a period between 2003 and 2006 when it was operating as the Horn & Horn diner. It was built in 1960 by the Fodero diner company and replaced an early model Silk City which had previously been on the site. It re-opened on Monday as Marabelle’s Restaurant. The full news story can be read HERE
Their new website is

Waterfall Rooms.

gold and stainless

Lightbulb Sputnik


Excellent 1960 space age styling. Quilted stainless, bold thin, outwardly canted supports, flared roof edge, recessed spotlights.


The original Patterson Vehicle Company built Silk City diner.

Silk City Diner- near Carney’s Point/Deepwater, NJ

We saw this one in New Jersey, near Carney’s Point. It’s a Silk City. It’s hard to tell precisely what it is, I don’t recall there being any signage on it. A large porch has been added, as has a handicapped ramp, which in conjunction with the roof addition, obscures the majority of the diner. There’s an open/closed sign in the front door and tables on the porch, so I can only assume its still a restaurant of some sort.


A view from the side. It looks like the roof addition does not actually cover the roof or protect the diner, it’s just for the porch. The diner may have been painted that red color at one point.

A different day, in the pouring rain



Neptune Diner- Lancaster, PA

I stopped here this morning for coffee, a bagel and a side of scrapple, something I haven’t had access to up at school.

Me coming out of the diner.

Cowcatcher corners.

Inside of diner. Tile floor. Maroon and stainless dominate.
Painted neon sign.



Me- in the diner.

Vestibule with reflection of sign

The neptune was built by Mountain View in 1951, and is serial number 296. It used to be known as the DeLuxe Diner.