West Shore Diner- Lemoyne, PA

The West Shore Diner was built in the 1930s by the Patterson Vehicle Company of Patterson, New Jersey. It may be the only surviving Silk City diner with this narrow floor plan. It appears it may have originally been all stools, but that at some point, the back wall was bumped out. This moved the backbar out the back a bit, allowing the counter to be moved further back, freeing up space for some deuce booths on the outside wall. The ceiling is similar to other silk city diners, but as it is so much narrower, it is steeper on the sides, and does not have the elegant curve of later models. Dark woodwork, tile and formica make up most of the interior, while the exterior has been repainted time and time again. The West Shore shows its 70+ years of age, but is a unique example of early New Jersey diner manufacture. his is my go-to diner in the Harrisburg area, and one of the best I’ve been to. It is one of the friendliest around. The food is excellent, and comes in enormous portions at bargain prices. They have great t-shirts, too, which is always a plus. You can’t go wrong with a stop at the West Shore.

A more recent, more drab paint scheme.





4 thoughts on “West Shore Diner- Lemoyne, PA

  1. I have photographed one other Silk City like this, the Miss Jersey City Diner which was in a very heightened state of disrepair at the time. Probably soon to be demolished, this was back in the mid-1980’s. There is one more according to Richard Gutman who says the former Gordy’s Diner which had operated in Castleton, ND is now in Montana.

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  3. The best diner around. The friendliest people. The most delicious food. & in today’s economy cheap, cheap, cheap! 😀

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