Laurel Diner

I found another matchbook view of the Laurel Diner, which I believe shows an older diner which the current Comac replaced. If you have any wild guesses as to builder or date of the diner from the matchbook, please throw them out there.

Frustratingly, it’s just a drawing on the matchbook, but it seems too specific to be stock art, and I haven’t seen the design on any other matchbooks, so I’m going to assume it’s at least fairly representative of what was there.

Note the doors at both ends. The rooftop sign advertises it as both a diner and a bar.

Matchbook design is mostly the same, but diner is different and it’s billed as the “New” Laurel diner

Postcards showing the early 1950s Comac which later became part of the Tastee Diner Chain. I wish I could find an actual photograph to confirm the earlier diner.




3 thoughts on “Laurel Diner

  1. I was searching the Web for “my roots” and found your post. Of course, I am very interested in finding out why there was a diner named “comac” and would appreciate any info you can give me. I am also totally fascinated by your search for diners. I’ve loved diners for many years and informally visit as many as I can. Few of the type on the matchbook still exist in the metropolitan New York area where I live. I love the pictures and thank you for sharing them!!

  2. The Comac Diner Company was based at 160 Shaw Ave, Irvington NJ, and was in business from 1947 to about 1951. It was founded by Thomas J. McGeary and John J. Costello, both formerly of the O’Mahony Diner Company.

    I’d guess the name came from their last names. COstello + MCgeary. COMC= Comac.

    Best of luck with your research, and I’m so happy that you enjoy the blog!

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