The Tastee Diner chain

Silver Spring
Depending on the source, the first Tastee diner opened c.1934 in Silver Spring. As of writing this, I have not seen any pictures of this diner, so I can’t tell you who the manufacturer was. As its replacement and the Bethesda location were both O’Mahonys, my guess would be this first location would also be an O’Mahony, but I don’t have any proof yet. A new, larger diner opened on the site in August 1946, and the old car was relocated to Rockville, MD. The Silver Spring Tastee was moved on June 17, 2000 from its location on Georgia Ave. to 8601 Cameron St. The 1946 factory built kitchen addition was demolished at this time.

The Bethesda location opened in April 1938 on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda, MD. I have conflicting addresses, a 1938 listing placing it at 6604 Wisconsin, and a 1951 ad at 6950. I’m not sure if that indicates a move. By 1975, it was operating at its current location at 7731 Woodmont Ave.


The Rockville location, a 1934 model originally in Silver Spring was named “Meadow’s Dining Car” and re-opened in its new location, 321 East Montgomery Ave, in June 1946.

According to the 29 diner website, the 29 was known as the Tastee 29 from 1973 until the 1990s, and was opened on July 20 1947 as the 29 diner by Bill Glascock. It is still used as the logo on Tastee diner merchandise at the Maryland locations, despite it no longer being associated with the chain. It is located at 10536 Lee Highway.

The Laurel Tastee Diner was opened as the Laurel diner. I have records of it going at least back to 1934. It was replaced in the 1950s with a Comac brand diner. By the 1970s (1972?) it was part of the Tastee Diner chain.

Eddie M. Warner 1906-1996


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