Little Tavern Stools

Today was a big day for my Little Tavern collection. I picked up four new mugs, and eight stools. Three of the mugs are Jackson, one is Shenango. Four of the stools are from Washington No. 9 (1932, 5100 Georgia Ave NW) and four from Washington No. 15 (1936, 1200 Good Hope Rd SE).





1 thought on “Little Tavern Stools

  1. My Dad, Jack Ferguson, was the Manager of the Little Tavern Shop On Connecticut Ave in Washington, D.C. from
    the late 50s until it was torn down to make way for a subway station in the early 70s .I also worked with him from age 16 until my early 20s. He trained me to be a manager and they used me as a relief manager at the other shops when the managers wanted a day off or a vacation. I also knew
    Mr. Duncan, When I worked at the shop in Bethesda MD. He would stop in from time to time.
    Jack Ferguson Jr.

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