Pictures from the road – Missoula, Montana

This was just a quick day trip to Missoula, combing through the thrift and antique shops for my business, Vintage Haberdashers. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
 photo edit missoula.jpg


Westcliff Diner – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today I hit up the Westcliff diner, a great restaurant in a ’60s? ’70s? storefront. It came highly recommended to me by several friends, and certainly lived up to expectations. I had a deliciously juicy fresh hamburger, with gooey melted cheese an sauteed onions. Anna had the grilled cheese and a milkshake, and my friend Irenee had an order of fries with a milkshake. The prices are some of the absolute lowest in the area.

Just around the corner is the Look Ho Ho. I haven’t been here, but the neon is outstanding.