Beatlemania by the bag

Beatlemania meets Little Tavern Shops

February 15, 1965
Just for Laughs- Four Countermen at a sandwich shop put on Beatle Wigs yesterday. From left they are Charles LeBron, Efford Anderson, Robert Bonsall and Ronnie Barler.


Here’s a little context for you.

February 7: The Beatles arrive at Kennedy Airport in New York
February 9: The Beatles make their first appearance on CBS television’s “Ed Sullivan Show” in New York.
February 11: The Beatles make their first live concert appearance in the US at the Coliseum in Washington, DC., drawing an audience of 20,000 fans. February 12: The band gives two concert performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
February 13: 6.00pm This was The Beatles’ only visit to Baltimore. They performed two shows at the Civic Center, to a total of 28,000 fans. The support acts were The Bill Black Combo, The Exciters, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, and Jackie DeShannon.

Here’s John before the Show.