Frazer Diner- Frazer, PA

I was sent these pictures by my old man, who visited on Friday.

The Frazer diner is a 1935 O’Mahony, originally located in and named the Paoli diner. (Paoli is also the home of the Philadelphia curling club, where I’ve spent a lot of time). It was moved in 1957 to its current location, just down the road, in Frazer. It was renovated/restored in 2002.
A photo of it before the work was done, showing the old awnings, can be found at:
A photo of the old neon sign can be found at: The American Roadside




The Charcoal Pit- original location – North Wilmington

The Charcoal Pit Tradition dates back to September 1956 when it first opened its doors. The “Pit” – referred to by loyal customers, became such an instant success that only after three months from the grand opening, it was decided to build more room for its long line of hungry customers. The “Pit” went from a small four table and a counter burger joint to a 115 customer-seating establishment.




3 thoughts on “Frazer Diner- Frazer, PA

  1. Had dinner at The Charcoal Pit following the John Prine concert at the Grand Opera House. Two great pieces of Americana in one night. The burgers and fries were straight out of a Norman Rockwell cover. The classic black and white milkshake was so thick you could stand a spoon in it. It was served in the traditional metal shaker. I had to explain to my dining companion that the spoon was important functionally in order to transfer the shake into the glass. The one sad thing is that it was so quiet at 11:30 on a Saturday night.

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