Little Tavern- Washington no. 12

This Little Tavern, the twelfth built in the district, located at 718 H. St, N.E. Washington DC, was built in 1935. My records show it was completed on November 11 of that year. According to building permit 183945, it was designed by Architect G.B. Wenner, and had an estimated cost of construction of $7,500.

The facade has been changed to accommodate floor to ceiling windows. The roof has been painted orange, though the original Little Tavern green is showing through in areas where the more modern paint has flaked off.

The current signage indicates it’s operating as “Super Nails”, though it is not clear if it currently in operation.

For a in the process list of all Little Tavern locations, click here.


Frazer Diner- Frazer, PA

I was sent these pictures by my old man, who visited on Friday.

The Frazer diner is a 1935 O’Mahony, originally located in and named the Paoli diner. (Paoli is also the home of the Philadelphia curling club, where I’ve spent a lot of time). It was moved in 1957 to its current location, just down the road, in Frazer. It was renovated/restored in 2002.
A photo of it before the work was done, showing the old awnings, can be found at:
A photo of the old neon sign can be found at: The American Roadside




The Charcoal Pit- original location – North Wilmington

The Charcoal Pit Tradition dates back to September 1956 when it first opened its doors. The “Pit” – referred to by loyal customers, became such an instant success that only after three months from the grand opening, it was decided to build more room for its long line of hungry customers. The “Pit” went from a small four table and a counter burger joint to a 115 customer-seating establishment.