Alexandria VA Little Tavern




828 North Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia
Built of brick in 1940 (Building Permit #2542, 5/22/1940)
Resurfaced with porcelain enamel panels 1959 (Building Permit #15009, 5/27/1959).
1993- Friendly Tavern (BAR Case #93-8, 1/6/1993)
1994- Hogs on the Hill (BAR Case #94-104, 10/5/1994).
1995 – Jerry’s Subs (BAR Case #95-189, 12/20/95)
2005- Merry’s Subs Pizza (BAR Case #2005-00226, 10/19/2005)
2008- Asian Wok Cafe

Bethesda, MD Little Tavern

Here are some photos my dad took yesterday of the Bethesda Little Tavern.

From Cerphe of WHFS:
Here’s the deal: i was lucky enough to interview jerry garcia on 3 occasions and one of the times in 1977 at whfs in bethesda, garcia along with several people in his posse along with weasel, a fellow dj on hfs, walked down cordell avenue to the little tavern near the intersection of woodmont and cordell. they had the munchies…go figure.

the group is lumbering down the sidwalk when suddenly approached by several stoners whom intently stare at them, eyes dialate and collective jaws drop. after being speechless for a moment…one points and says………..’look……….it’s WEASEL……..!’

the stoners didn’t even notice jerry garcia, but it was a very big deal to see weasel. like ships passing in the night, the two groups went their separate ways, garcia remained invisible and managed to get his little tavern burgers , return to the studio and join me on my show.

couple footnotes…being vegetarian, there wasn’t much for me to eat at club LT, so i hadn’t put in a lobster lollie or burger order (ha!) AND seeing as i couldn’t leave the studio (i was on-air and not on the sidewalk where this hunter thompson-esque caper went down) i didn’t witness it. the story was told to me after the fact, so some urban legend, revisionist history could be at work here.

at this point, both little tavern AND jerry garcia have left the building…so no harm.

Little Tavern models

I built these for my ARCH 2000 “visual thinking” class.

I ran out of time with the big one, so the gable over the door and the rooftop sign were not added when the pictures were taken.

Small model, from the 1931 design

A quarter for scale

The big one

while still under construction

A rough, medium sized one, which I used to figure out some of the construction of the large one.

Little Tavern- Washington No. 27

This former Little Tavern is located at the corner of 6th and Morse St., NE Washington, DC. It is now a Subway. Despite having lost its distinctive color scheme and signage, the exterior still looks as though it is fairly in tact. Washington #24 appears to have been built c.1948. It stands to reason that No. 27 dates from the late 1940s or early 1950s. I will try to find more documentation regarding the exact date of construction.

For pictures from 1988, taken while it was still operating as a Little Tavern, please click here.

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Little Tavern- Washington no. 12

This Little Tavern, the twelfth built in the district, located at 718 H. St, N.E. Washington DC, was built in 1935. My records show it was completed on November 11 of that year. According to building permit 183945, it was designed by Architect G.B. Wenner, and had an estimated cost of construction of $7,500.

The facade has been changed to accommodate floor to ceiling windows. The roof has been painted orange, though the original Little Tavern green is showing through in areas where the more modern paint has flaked off.

The current signage indicates it’s operating as “Super Nails”, though it is not clear if it currently in operation.

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