Former Little Tavern – Eastern Ave.

This was a later location- post Duncan, and I believe post Wedren.

What it looked like in LT livery.

3515 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224


Bethesda, MD Little Tavern

Here are some photos my dad took yesterday of the Bethesda Little Tavern.

From Cerphe of WHFS:
Here’s the deal: i was lucky enough to interview jerry garcia on 3 occasions and one of the times in 1977 at whfs in bethesda, garcia along with several people in his posse along with weasel, a fellow dj on hfs, walked down cordell avenue to the little tavern near the intersection of woodmont and cordell. they had the munchies…go figure.

the group is lumbering down the sidwalk when suddenly approached by several stoners whom intently stare at them, eyes dialate and collective jaws drop. after being speechless for a moment…one points and says………..’look……….it’s WEASEL……..!’

the stoners didn’t even notice jerry garcia, but it was a very big deal to see weasel. like ships passing in the night, the two groups went their separate ways, garcia remained invisible and managed to get his little tavern burgers , return to the studio and join me on my show.

couple footnotes…being vegetarian, there wasn’t much for me to eat at club LT, so i hadn’t put in a lobster lollie or burger order (ha!) AND seeing as i couldn’t leave the studio (i was on-air and not on the sidewalk where this hunter thompson-esque caper went down) i didn’t witness it. the story was told to me after the fact, so some urban legend, revisionist history could be at work here.

at this point, both little tavern AND jerry garcia have left the building…so no harm.

Laurel Little Tavern

Here’s the current status of the Laurel Little Tavern, Now the Laurel Tavern, post remodel.

January 2006

March 2007

August 2008

To see some older photos of this one, look at the Diner Hotline, a wonderful blog, and a wonderful resource.

According to wikipedia,

Little Tavern(Laurel Md.)was closed by Little Tavern Shops LLC.(Parent Co.)All Use of Licensing Agreement and Trade Marks canceled for said Property at said time. Little Tavern Shops has nothing to do with present on site operation and the (new on site operation)is not licensed to operate as Little Tavern Shops or use any of Little Tavern Shops Logo’s, Sayings, or Trade Marks. As of April 30.2008, the last little Tavern Shop was closed, with all othes being closed over the past two years as leases expired, under a long term plan for a New Little Tavern Store Operation, to fit within Fast Food Market Resturant Operation of today. Little Tavern Shops is now moving ahead with It’s New Operation’s and the planned Licensing of, Free Satnding and Shoppiong Center Stotr Loction in, Md-Del-Pa-Va-Area’s. But Still Maintaining It’s old time Qualtiy of “Style and Food Service” For Futher Information please contact Little Tavern Shops LLC. C/O (Marketing) Jecco Co. Inc. 410-661-4394 Fax 410-661-4394 The Hereof statement has been prepared, approved and authorized by James E. Cumbest Jr. T/A Little Tavern Shops LLC. Carroillton Bank Building 1740 E. Joppa Rd. Balto. 21234

– – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – –
The original is gone. The beautiful original neon signage, the last remaining is gone. The backbar with the green mirrored panels, built as per Harry F. Duncan’s original 1933 Patent, D89950, is gone. The stools, the tile, everything that made it the original is gone. The rest, closed, their buildings converted or torn down. We lost the Silver Spring Little Tavern, the one with the yellow roof, just a few months ago.

I am saddened by the passing of the original, the real Little Tavern. May she rest in peace.