The New Ideal Diner

This O’Mahony was replaced by the current massive 1950s stainless O’Mahony which currently stands in Aberdeen, Maryland. It, in turn, replaced an older diner, the Ideal Diner.



The History of the Summit Diner of Somerset, PA

Review of The History of the Summit Diner of Somerset, PA

Diner fans and those used to driving the Pennsylvania turnpike should enjoy this self-published booklet and labor of love by D.A. Florence, a.k.a. “Diner Dave”.
The 80 page book takes the reader on a trip down memory lane, recounting the history and the personalities behind this 1960 Somerset dining institution. Florence is a true fan of the Summit, and devotes a good deal of space to the folks who made, and still make this diner a pleasure to visit. The book is generously illustrated with archival photos, as well as many from the author’s own collection.
“Diner Dave” also includes a bit of general diner history, as well as local facts related to the Summit’s place in Somerset lore. The book also includes a thorough bibliography that will serve as a good starting reference for those just developing an interest in the joys of roadside dining.
All in all, this is one diner fanciers extended love letter to his favorite establishment. As Florence sums up in a line from a self penned poem at the book’s closing-
“….hold your heads high at the Summit Diner.
As their motto says, “There’s no place finer.”

Photos from a book signing at the Summit, showing the most recent interior renovation.

Review written by Michael G. Stewart, photographer