Buy ‘Em By The Bag

Little Tavern’s slogan used to be “Buy ‘Em By The Bag”.
I did, and I brought them back to the studio for some product shots. Mug is ’50s vintage.

The burgers came from the Laurel Tavern, formerly the Laurel location of the Little Tavern. They tracked down the original burger recipe and are still selling them, along with some really good fresh donuts. If you miss Little Tavern, take the trip, you won’t be disappointed. The building has lost its paneling, its neon and its interior, but they still deliver in the food department.

Laurel Tavern Donuts
115 Washington Boulevard Laurel, MD 20707


Hymie’s Restaurant – Washington DC

Today, my dad and I tracked down and photographed what used to be Hymie’s Restaurant, an old homebuilt diner in Washington, DC.



I couldn’t find much on it, other than that it was owned by Mary Hyman and her husband, and that it was held up in 1970.

According to the court transcripts:

At approximately 1:20 P.M. on May 11, 1970, two men, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun, held up Hymie’s Restaurant and Carry-Out at 4408 Arkansas Avenue, N.W., in Washington. The man with the shotgun remained at the door of the restaurant while the other man entered the store and told the proprietress, Mrs. Mary Hyman, to put the money from the cash register in a bag. She complied, placing approximately $86.00 in a bag, which the man took. She noticed that this man was short, very dark, and that his head was cleanshaven. The robbers then left the store and escaped.

The only other record of it is found here, and reads:
Hymie’s Restaurant on Arkansas Avenue and Allison Streets NW. The
BEST cheeseburger for miles and Mr. and Mrs.
Hyman were the nicest proprietors of a business you’d ever want to
meet. It is now an auto parts store…

The signage currently reads, Andre’s Auto Sales, but there’s a for rent sign up, with the phone number, (301)-649-2361.