Eastern Shore – Delaware and Maryland

These pics were sent to me by my friend, Susan Hormuth from a trip she took on the Eastern Shore in April of 1980. I’ll get text up later today.

Tom’s Diner. Route 50?- Easton, MD. Here are some more pictures, taken by Larry Cultrera, of Tom’s, taken about a year after these. Larry’s pictures are the only reference I can find to this one. I assume it must have closed a while ago for that to be the case.
I’ve tried locating the site by looking for the radio towers shown in the background. Rt 50 splits- 50 goes to the East of Easton, 322 (the Easton Parkway) goes to the west. The WEMD radio towers off the Easton parkway seem to look about the same, but the area has grown- all suburban houses and big box stores. If this is the right area, there’s no trace.

How about that groovy plastic sign over the vestibule? And the freestanding neon’s pretty spectacular.
Green flexglas, stacked roof. Double-wide with factory kitchen and dining room.

We think this Mountain View was somewhere between Salisbury and Assateague Island. The newspaper box is for a Delaware newspaper, but that would fit that location.

Diner in Bridgeville, DE. It’s still there and looks to be in about the same shape as it was then. Here’s a picture taken two days ago by Randy Garbin. Here’s a post, with interior pictures, from when it was still operating back in 2005. It’s currently for sale. Call 302-628-8467.


English’s Diner- Salisbury, Maryland
Here’s a shot of what it looked like when it closed.

I’m not positive which diner these interior shots go with. Anyone recognize it? Want to hazard a guess based on manufacturer and size?



Washington DC Signage

I made a mini-roadtrip this morning to DC for some good old fashioned neon.

Clock Hands pointing down.

A&R Auto Parts. The neon appears it originally read something else.
1824 Bladensburg Road NE
Washington, DC 20002



Ride With Safety – Yellow Cab Company.


Ohio Restaurant
1380 H St. NE
Now Closed
More pictures, including ones of the interior, can be found here.

Atlas Theater
1331 H St. NE
Built 1938
Architect John J. Zink.

S and S Shoe Repairing
1126 H St. NE


New York Ave NE

Budget Motor Inn
1615 New York Avenue Northeast

Syd’s Drive In Liquor Store


Automatic Transmission

Former Roy Rogers?

Barn shaped building

Publick Playhouse
5445 Landover Road
Hyattsville, MD 20784
Opened 1947

Modern Dry Cleaning/ Electric Maid
Takoma Park, MD

Rayco Auto Seat Covers
7998 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Glenmont Arcade
Formerly home to “Tuffy” Leeman’s duckpin Bowling alley. Tuffy, a pro football hall of fame member, played for the New York Giants from 1936 to 1943. The duckpin alley closed several years back.


News from the Silver Diner

This just posted from the folks at the Silver Diner:

Hi everyone! Thanks for weighing in on the new location. We are sorry the news was so disappointing and believe us after putting our blood sweat and tears into the Rockville location, we are sad to be leaving, however our lease has expired. And, unfortunately, it is not feasible to cut up the 8 different modular sections that make up the diner & reassemble them as an operating restaurant. So after 20 great years, we are headed down the road to create the Next Generation Diner incorporating all the best features we’ve built into Silver Diner for the last 20 years. But, don’t be so quick to say goodbye, if you miss the old diner you can visit it around the country. The old diner will be available at different museums to help preserve the Silver Diner history!

I’m curious what they mean about visiting it around the country at different museums? Are they talking Dan’s Diner Salvage? Is it feasible to chop it up and ship it hundreds of miles but not the couple of blocks down the pike? Are they just taking select bits from it and bulldozing the rest?


Laurel Diner updates

It looks like the Laurel diner (now the Tastee) goes back quite a ways. I’ve found newspaper records of it going back to 1934, when three men an a woman tried to kidnap one of the waiters. The Laurel diner has also had a liquor license going back as far as September of 1939.

I’m fairly confident this is a drawing of the actual diner and not just period clip art. Assuming that’s the case, can anyone make an id or at least a guess as to manufacturer, if it dates from a 1934 or a bit before?



Allen Theater

The Allen Theater burned in early December 2009. I was sent these photos of it today.

It opened in 1951 with 946 seats and was closed as a theater in 1990.

photo from 1983- copyright Michael G. Stewart

Photo from 2010 – copyright Michael G. Stewart

Allen Theater
6822 New Hamsphire Avenue, Takoma Park, MD

Grantham Farm / Cashell Farm- Rockville, Maryland

While out driving around with a friend of mine, we spotted a glimpse of this gem through the trees. Parking the car, we hiked through a good stretch of brambles and came upon this incredible house. Unfortunately, as is so often the case it seems, the light failed on us. Another trip is in order. If not within the next three days, then in the summer, provided it’s still standing then.

The History can be found here.

My buddy Zach, wheelman for this trip, in front of the barn.

The Cashell farm, constructed circa 1860 with a Queen-Anne addition, was previously surveyed by the Maryland- Capital Park and Planning Comission and was designated as a historic site by the M-NCPPC in 1984, in the Master Plan for Historic Preservation. Though the property retains the integrity of its architecture and setting, the buildings suffer from deterioration. The owner of the property has boarded over the first story windows of the main house and has not taken measures to maintain the secondary structures. Since the last survey, at least two wooden barns have collapsed. Two wooden barns, two hay storage buildings, two silos, a tile sided storage building, a garage, a shed, the main house, a stone building and two tenant houses still remain. The outbuildings associated with the main house, as well as the two tenant houses were not mentioned in the previous survey form and a description of these structures follows. The secondary structures of the Cashell farmhouse are in a semi-circle arrangement on the east side of the house. A paved driveway passes the front, or south elevation of the main house, the begins a large curve around to the rear of the main house. Along the south side of the curve are a general-purpose barn, two hay storage buildings and a livestock barn. At the east end of the curve are two tile silos and a 1 story concrete/tile storage building. The north side of the curve has a garage and a shed. To the rear of the main house is a 1-store, side-gable house.

J.H. Cashell (Grantham) Farm- 5867 Muncaster Mill Rd.

The earliest section of the frame Cashell Farmhouse, in the American farmhouse style, was built in the mid 19th century by the Hon. Hazel H. Cashell. His son John H. Added a turriculated, jerkin-headed- Queen Anne block at the end of that century.
Important for its association with the Cashell family as well as the high level of architecture archieved by the hybrid-style building.

Little Tavern mural- Wheaton, MD

Overview of mural

Detail of Little Tavern

“The Spirit of Wheaton” 1990.

The former location of the Wheaton Little Tavern. The frame of the sign is still standing, but the insert has been replaced.

Site Plan of the corner, showing where the Wheaton Little Tavern was originally.

Info on mural and its location

Western Maryland Trip – 2008

This blog’s first posts were from this trip, but I never got around to posting the rest of the photos.

I took this trip shortly after graduation in early summer of 2008. We didn’t have any definite stops along the way, but managed to find some amazing old buildings. Architecturally, the area is much as it seems to have been in the early 20th century, although now many of the buildings are abandoned.


East Side School

Cumberland, MD

Broken vitrolite facade

Republican Club

Abandoned house

No trespassing in the tree.

the b