Diner Find- Mt. Vernon, New York

Mike Engle found a mention of a diner at this location in a 1933 newspaper. While greatly remodeled, this monitor roofed former diner is still recognizable. It is located on the Southeast corner of W. 1st street and Vista Place, Mt. Vernon, NY. Further info on the diner is being tracked down.

In 1930, the diner was owned by Joseph Rowall of Poland, who lived at 313 S. 6th Avenue. His roomer and fellow Polish immigrant, John Socker, was counterman in 1930, but would come to own the diner by 1936.

Edit: Found the name. As of 1931, it was the Joe and Larry, diner. By 1937, it dropped the full names and was called the J&L diner. The proper street address is 310 N. 1st St.