The Summit Diner- Somerset, PA

While we’re on the topic of the Summit Diner, here are some photos, mainly of the interior, from the past six years.

July 2004- more or less as it came from the factory, with 40+ years of wear.

Jan 2007- ceiling beams painted black, some reupholstered stools

2007- original wallpaper on far back wall. Fits with the colonial/western interior theme


Jan 2008- new stools, new counters, formica replaced with diamondplate or quilted stainless, clock covered over with stainless and retro coca cola clock. Doors to kitchen replaced with stainless. Wagon wheel light fixtures replaced with stainless.

Jan 2008 – middle row of booths removed, replaced with retro boomerang formica topped tables. Back wall with original wallpaper painted over black, copies of magazines mentioning diner framed. Formica replaced with diamond plate aluminum or stainless. Woodwork painted black.

December 15, 2009