White Coffee Pot Restaurants – Baltimore, MD

This matchbook is from the Baltimore chain of White Coffee Pot restaurants. They operated in the Baltimore area from 1932 through to 1993. At one time, they had 33 locations. They’re all gone now, but at one time, they were all over Baltimore. They’ve come up a fair bit in my Little Tavern research, but I haven’t done any dedicated research into them directly as to their full history or locations.





26 thoughts on “White Coffee Pot Restaurants – Baltimore, MD

    • I worked at their store in Hagerstown, Md., and opened and managed their new store in the LaVale Shopping Center in Cumberland. Great chain, open 24/7 with a nice selection of food. I am pretty SURE they now have stores operating as CACTIS WILLIES but the menus, etc. are very different.

      • I see your post, any idea how they made their thousand island dressing? Or they may have called it french but itwas creamy not like the orange french

  1. My mom and her sister worked for them for over 30 yrs..I have an ashtray and 2 pins w/their logos..The ashtray is green and says,”White Coffee Pot Restaurants – All Around Towm” I loved their hotcakes..Have since not found any that could compare.

  2. I just had meatballs and brown gravy and a couple french fries for lunch. The first bite of gravy and fries reminded me of the white coffee pot. I can remember my grandmother taking me there when I was little for lunch and she would treat me to fries and gravy. today’s lunch inspired me to do a google search to see if it was still open. It was the best diner around – I can remember all the servers being so nice and extremely friendly =)

  3. My Mother work there many years along with a few of my sisters i was a baby but my mom was jean bentley my sisters were liz and darlene and june i think my older brother might of been there to sam bentley .i have good memories of that place good food!

  4. In Westminster, Maryland back in the 1970’s there was a White Coffee Pot Jr. in the 140 Village Shopping Center at the corner of Route 140 and Route 97. It’s now a Friendly’s Restaurant. I remember that they had very inexpensive chicken dinners and the BEST French fries ever. I’m sure what they fried the French fries in but they had some sort of coating on them and they were fantastic. I used to ride my 10-speed bike over there from my house just to get some fries. Does anyone know what they cooked them in?

    • I was a manager in the baltimore area and we just used shorting ( large block) . these fries were good sellers.. working at the WCPJR was a fun time

      • By any chance do you know what the brand of Green Goddess Dressing that was served at the salad bar at the White Coffee Pot Jr.

  5. The old White Coffee Pot has been on my mind lately, and I’m glad to see it’s the same for others. My mother used to take me to the one on Broadway when I was a kid in the early ’70s: I particularly remember the great cheeseburgers with delicious kaiser rolls.

    Sweet childhood memories, like ghosts from the past….

  6. I remember going to the White Coffee Pot at the corner of Liberty Rd. and Windsor Mill road and the White Coffee Pot Jr further up on Liberty towards Randallstown. The White Coffee Pot Jr. sign is still there, but the building has been turned into a laundry mat.–good times, good times. Every time I pass the sign I remember they way it used to be.

  7. We have a doll, which we think is a waitress from a White Coffee Pot, maybe from the 1940’s.
    She is about 9 ” tall, in a gold uniform dress with white apron and black tie. We would love to verifiy that it is indeed a White Coffee Pot waitress.

    • I would also love to know what the recipe of that dressing was. A buddy of mine & myself used to saturate dinner rolls with that and eat it. This was back in the early 60’s!

      • The French dressing was the best I have ever had in my life. Surely someone out there knows.where they got it or what the recipe is. Help, please. Anyone?

      • I was a manager..no clue about recipe..was a,private label..shipped to stores we didn’t make it..perhaps Google ken katz..original owners grand son..woody

  8. would anyone that use to work at any of them know the recipe or the brand of the gravy that use to be on the Hot Roast Beef?

  9. I am looking for gravy with the taste of White Coffee Pot on ham burger steak at White Coffee Pot . I am 75 and still looking for that flavor / taste from that time and place.

    Thanks for your time —————– George

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