White Coffee Pot Restaurants – Baltimore, MD

This matchbook is from the Baltimore chain of White Coffee Pot restaurants. They operated in the Baltimore area from 1932 through to 1993. At one time, they had 33 locations. They’re all gone now, but at one time, they were all over Baltimore. They’ve come up a fair bit in my Little Tavern research, but I haven’t done any dedicated research into them directly as to their full history or locations.





Little Tavern updates for Baltimore

Found some more locations in the Baltimore Sun archives.

June 2, 1930 – Baltimore No. 1
1/2 East Mount Royal Ave
This would have been built originally in the castle style and remodeled in tudor cottage in the later ’30s.
I’d known the opening date for a while, but now finally have an address. It’s a parking lot now.

Columbia Mall – Opened September 1982
I’d had a tip on this one, but the newspaper archives confirmed it. It lasted until the late ’80s.

6414 Holabird Ave Baltimore, MD 21224 Opened April 1983. Closed 2008.
At the time it opened it was the 31st location and 13th in the Baltimore Area.
800 Square Feet- originally a sandwich shop. Remodeled in green. Awning substituted for tavern roof triangle.
Introduced fish sandwich, steak and cheese, french fries, larger “tavern burger” with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

2002 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD Property sold October 1937. Likely opened early 1938.
This one seems to have been held up the most of any Little Tavern in Baltimore. It had bullet proof glass in front of the register and employees in the ’70s at the latest, so the robbers stepped it up to shotguns.

900 Block of West North Ave, Baltimore, MD
Robbed of $26 in Dec 1952

115 West Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
Property purchased Dec 21, 1939

400 block of East Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
“The Block”

Westside Shopping Center- Baltimore MD – 2600 Square Feet
Leased 1985

And while I’m at it, some White Coffee Pot locations I ran across from 1951
Monroe and Edmundston Baltimore, MD
Linden and North Ave
3124 Park Heights Ave
1200 Light St.
It doesn’t look like there’s really anything recognizable at any of the locations.