Harrisburg PA diner trip

Despite generally crappy weather, my dad and his friend Steve Rogers, of http://lookingtowardportugal.blogspot.com/, went on a roadtrip from Washington DC to Harrisburg PA.

The West Shore Diner- Lemoyne, PA.

The West Shore is the earliest surviving Silk City diner, and so far as I can tell, the only surviving example of this model, with the demolition of the Miss Jersey City in the 1980s.
More photos of the West Shore can be found here and here.

Please note the narrow width of the diner, combined with the more extreme angles to the ceiling. It’s difficult to tell how much is original to the diner- interiorwise I would say not terribly much, but what is there is old enough to have a character of its own. I would have loved to have seen this diner when she was new.

Steve with an enormous, incredibly inexpensive plate of cream chipped beef

Bison Auction

Wonderful WPA-era frieze of livestock on the side of the building in which the bison auction was held.


Subway Cafe
This was just a picture stop, but it has a nice neon.

State Street Bridge
The eagles were carved by one of my ancestors, Ira A. Correll, who also carved the “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother” at Boystown, NE in addition to many many more sculptures. Unfortunately, the bulk of his work was never signed, so it is difficult to track down.

American Dream Diner

Wolfe’s Diner

Just down from Wolfe’s


Wolfe’s Diner – Dillsburg, PA


The outside of the diner. It appears as it did when new; a real time warp.


Bikers at the diner


The wonderful original neon sign. It still works. Hand painted signs advertise the $1.25 breakfast specials, Daily Specials and Lunch & Dinner.


The original neon sign over the entrance.


Jerry O’Mahony, Inc.
Dining Car Builders
Elizabeth, NJ


The incredibly clean and well preserved interior of the diner.


Sugar and Seeburg 200 Wall-o-matic. The 200 wall-matic was only made from 1955 to 1956, from what I’ve been able to find.


“P_ _ H”


Breakfast Specials (granted, this picture was taken three years ago or so, so prices have probably gone up) They were all ridiculously inexpensive, and what we had was excellent, and served in large portions.
#1 Two Extra large any style eggs, homefries, toast and jelly – $1.25
#2 Two Hotcakes and two strips of bacon – $1.95
#3 Cereal with milk and fruit juice – $1.25
#4 “Big Mess” – Three eggs, Homefries, onions, peppers and ham all mixed together, with toast – $3.95
Sausage Gravy and Biscuit – $2.50
Double order – $4.25
With Two eggs- $4.95


A row of stools, terrazzo and formica


Back-lit back painted Restrooms sign, inset into the stainless work


Ford pickup rusting out back in the parking lot of Wolfe’s